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How long a blog post should be

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Our recommended length of content to SEO rank your webpage is to be over 2000 and to based con SEO research and combined with unique content with perfect grammar with the right meta.


How often to blog for SEO

Websites that post more than ten times or more per month received more traffic than people who publish only once a month. There fore that's why we create special blog post booster bulk packages, with titles based on an SEO, researched keywords,  this to make your website to be crawl that and will eventually help your brand fly through the internet space.


Blog post meta description

A meta description is a supplementary text that appears in search results, and that lets readers know what the page is about, and needs to be reader-friendly (compelling and relevant); your meta description must include the long-tail keyword that will rank your brand or give you a conversion 

Metadata comprises an SEO meta description and title for every page of your website. This information lets search engines know what the intent of each page on your website is, and then determine whether or not your website is relevant enough to a user’s search term to display in the results prominently. 

Meta title

The meta title tells search engines exactly what your webpage is about. It’s the clickable title that appears in the search results and must summarise the content that readers will find on the page. This title will also appear in the browser tab and external websites when a link to that page is shared. 

Meta description

The meta description is approximately 160 characters of text found beneath the page title in the search results. The meta description provides readers with additional information to help them determine whether or not to click on the title and enter the page. 

Both the meta title and the meta description, when used with an effective SEO strategy, will encourage more people to click to your website from the search results.


At DAGOSEO, we have what it takes to make your website rank high with our carefully researched SEO keywords, and rich, engaging, and informative content


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