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When you think of the factors that are critical to a retailer's success, top amongst them are location and presentation. Customers aren't going to go out of their way to a store that's difficult to find and not aesthetically pleasing or not designed in an intuitive way that facilitates comfortable browsing. 

The design and location of your online store are even more critical than they would be for a physical store. In a physical store, your customers can pick up, touch and carefully inspect the products you sell. It's much easier for them to assess the quality of your products in person than it is online. The ability to see the quality for themselves gives customers more confidence to buy.

The design of your online store is also critical because it's likely that you'll have tons of competition—other online stores that are just a click away that offer similar products or services. 

That means you need to have a site that lets your customers know they are in the right place the moment they arrive, and the quality of your graphics and UX design needs to make them want to stay. The same goes for location. If your online site is difficult to find, your customers probably won't end up visiting your website. 

As your ecommerce site engineers, we will craft a project tailored to your specific company's needs, using a powerful SEO strategy as the foundation. Our design experts will create and implement an intuitive, user-friendly UX design, and our SEO strategists will make sure your site is easy to find.


Our SEO optimisation includes: 

  1. Meta content - The meta content of your site is integral in helping your customers find you. Our SEO experts and copywriters will design a meta title and meta description for each page of your store. The meta title is the title that appears in the search results when you search for something, and the meta description is the short line or two of text beneath that. Optimised meta content lets the search engine know that your store is relevant and has what the customer is looking for. 

  2. On-page SEO - The on-page SEO includes the keywords that our expert writers discreetly weave throughout the text of your online store. When carried out under high standards like the ones we have at DAGOSEO, the user shouldn't even tell that we have optimized your page for search engines. Instead, the content should be engaging and motivate your visitors to take action, whether to share your page, purchasing a product, or contracting a service. 

  3. Compressed web banners - Our banners are bold and beautiful and let your customers know they are in the right place. Each banner has three main components: A descriptive design, an optimized headline, and a call to actspeedCMS speed - If your online store doesn't load quickly, your customers won't hesitate to hit the back button and go down the line until they find a page that does. The speed at which a website load affects various metrics, including bounce rate, search rank, page views, and conversion. What's more, when your page loads slowly, customers may interpret that to mean that you don't care about what's most valuable to them: their time. That's why we use one of the most advanced Contents Management Systems to maximize your website's loading speed as well as your customers' satisfaction. 


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