SEM marketing services

With the right Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services powering your website, you can dramatically improve your company’s visibility and traffic, grow brand awareness, become an authority and ultimately increase your revenue.


PPC advertising services

At DAGOSEO, we offer campaign management services to increase traffic to your website and convert your visitors. SEM PPC advertising is a precise way to target those in your audience who are most likely to purchase your products or services. 
Our tailored PPC campaign packages will boost conversions and increase revenue for your company. How does it work? Your paid ads will appear at the very top of the SERPs, so they will be the first thing that customers looking for your products or services will see. An effective PPC campaign is one of the most efficient ways to acquire new customers. It’s also a useful way for new companies to compete against larger, well-established businesses with strong organic SEO.


Good Ads

Advances your company’s growth in two crucial ways:

  1. High-quality traffic: When a user types in a product, service or information query into a search engine, if your company is relevant, your ads will appear at the top of the results page. That means that the people who visit your website will do so because they are looking for something that you offer, indicating a higher likelihood of conversions. 

  2. Fast results: One of the benefits that PPC advertising has over organic SEO strategies is that once you set up an ad, it will immediately begin driving traffic to your website. Meanwhile, organic SEO requires time to work and move your site up in the rankings.


"Both PPC and organic SEO have their advantages, and at DAGOSEO, we focus on both as equally important aspects of your marketing strategy"


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