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Give your online store maximum visibility with our tailored Shopify and WIX organic SEO optimisation services.

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Shopify SEO optimization

Do you ask yourself how to optimize Shopify for SEO? Our knowledge lets us give your online store maximum visibility with our tailored Shopify organic SEO optimization services. Our unique, organic search engine optimization strategy comprises the following:

  • Website audit: We go over your entire website with a fine-tooth comb, and root out any critical issues that could negatively impact your rankings.

  • Keyword audit: We look at your SEO keyword strategy to identify any missed opportunities.

  • Keyword research: We are experts in SEO keyword strategy, with extensive experience and carefully developed comprehensive research strategies with input from humans and algorithms. We make the most of your strengths, we take into account your weaknesses, and we use SEO competitor analysis to identify the flaws in your competitors’ keyword strategies. Then we take our strategy and integrate it with expertly written content.

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Shopify meta tags

We can SEO optimize your meta tags and create or evolve your meta descriptions and titles so you’ll have the best possible organic impression on Google. And if you want, we can also rewrite and optimize all of your content, from images to blog posts, with our SEO content writing services. Everything on your website can be optimized to increase your rankings.

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